MegaLog Suite: Version 1.3

Secure.IP's MegaLog Suite is a modern Syslog program according to rfc5424, rcf5426 und rfc5425. To install the single program modules you only have to start the installer applet and the modules are automatically installing on the target server. The reporting in the ‘presentation layer’ is running with every current browser without the need of a special plug in.

MegaLog delivers
• collecting events in ms resolution,
• unique analysis tools statistics,
• automatic export,
• maintenance capacity
• and much more..

We offer furthermore a nonrecurring simple licensing model:
• no restriction for hosts or clients
• free testing installations
• only one validation code for the utilization in the whole enterprise
• and all MegaLog updates are free for 6 month


Database MS SQL Server 2005/2008
MS SQL Express 2005/2008
Operating System Windows XP
Windows 7 32/64
Windows Vista 32/64
Windows 2003 Server 32/64
Windows 2008 Server 32/64
MegaLog V1.3 Download Easy Installer
Download Expert Installer
Installation Manual Installations Manual (PDF)
MegaLog V1.3 Docu. Documentation (ZIP)

License Model

A Free-License is already included in every MegaLog installation. You can purchase the Full-License later and copy/paste the license key into your running installation.

Function Free-License Full-License
All events are stored in the database Yes Yes
Max. number of devices/hosts sending Syslog packetes 2 no limit
Number of Syslog agents (TLPP) 1 no limit
Real-Time-Viewer (RTV) not active no limit
Automatic TXT file export not active no limit
Start of an external programm after TXT file export not active no limit
Concurrent MegaLog installations inside a company no limit no limit

MegaLog Features

Costs MegaLog (FullVersion)
Software License
(if requested with one remote installation)
165 EUR
Software Maintenance 50 EUR/Year
Varity of Versions (Basic / Professional / Enterprise / Gold / ...) No - One for all
Licenses for Syslog Agents No - Unlimited
Licenses for Hosts No - Unlimited
Concurrent Installation Yes, inside your location
Presentation and Programs MegaLog
Syslog Analyses
and Administration
Syslog Real-Time-Viewer Yes (JAVA Applet)
Operating Systems Services runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003 and Server 2008; Tools runs as well under Linux
SQL Databases Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 (all version)
Graphical Statistics Yes
- Total events last minute / hour / month / year
- Top talker
- Detailed events by hour / day
Pre-defined Analysing Reports Yes
Self-defined Reports Yes
Firewall Analysing Yes
Modular Concept Yes:
- Tier 1: Receiving
- Tier 2: Processing
- Tier 3: Presentation
Features MegaLog
Stores Syslog in SQL database Yes (called primary storrage)
Syslog recorded with milli-second timestamp Yes
Supports newest rfc5424, rcf5426 and rfc5425 Yes
Flat TXT File Yes - Automatic Daily Export (called secondary storrage)
Encrypted Data Communication Yes, encrypt communication between Syslog agents and main service if option is set
Syslog Information Hashed Yes, hashs events if option is set
Event Stream Hash against manipulation of the Database Records Yes, hashs events record chain if option is set
Notification by E-Mail Yes, an action can initiate e-mails
Start External Programs Yes, an action can start external programs
Generate a Syslog Message (message forwarding) Yes, an action can forward a Syslog message
Shows special events Yes, an action can shop it on the console and requests an acknowledge
Play sound Yes, an action can play a sound (depends on the browser)
Message Rescue System Yes,
- in case SQL service is not available all events are store on the server until the service is back;
- in case main service is not available all events are store on the server until the service is back;
Database Maintaining Feature Yes
Syslog Filtering and Real Time Inspection Yes, customs scripts created with the build in filter language can be applied
Filter Developer Tool Yes, the filter developer tool helps to create and test inspection/filter scripts