Syslog Receiver (Freeware)

Because of the enhancements in the Syslog format and SSL transmitting features we are convinced that the community needs a test receiver.

The brand new Secure.IP MegaLog Syslog Receiver is compliant with the rfc5424, rcf5426 and rfc5425 and it is freeware.

Reliable data transmission is the new challenge and so Syslog sender and receiver need to cope with certificates. Nobody expects that it becomes easier than without certificates, but for a central Syslog system it is vital. We are sure that this tool will help administrators to save time during implementing a central and secure system logging program like MegaLog.

Feature List:
• Bind Syslog receiver to any local IP address
• Select between UDP or TCP receiver and listening port
• for the SSL Syslog server certificate select from local storage, self signed or from a file
• Select between rfc5424, rfc3164 or auto detect for incoming Syslog events
• Stores incoming Syslog event to a txt-file.
• Shows the Syslog events in a meaningful colour.

Downloads (Freeware)

Operating System Windows XP
Windows 7 32/64
Windows Vista 32/64
Windows 2003 Server 32/64
Windows 2008 Server 32/64
SuSE Linux SLES 11 with MONO
Syslog Receiver Download Installer