Syslog Sender (Freeware)

Secure.IP’s MegaLog Syslog Sender V2 is fully compliant with the enhanced Syslog format and SSL transmitting (see rfc5424, rcf5426 and rfc5425). All these rfc’s were updated in spring 2009.

Feature List:
• Select sending IP address
• Insert destination IP or host name
• Select UDP or TCP sending and destination port
• SSL encryption for data transmission
• Auto repeat and burst modes
• Timestamp as defined in rfc5424
• Sending messages from input file
• Choosing different Syslog text include text with Unicode characters
• Randomize Facility and Severity
• Variables for hostname and sent-message-number
• Structured Data ”Timer Quality”
• Structured Data “Origin”
• Structured Data “Meta”
• Structured Data “self defined fields and values”
• It’s freeware and it starts without installation

Downloads (Freeware)

Operating System Windows XP
Windows 7 32/64
Windows Vista 32/64
Windows 2003 Server 32/64
Windows 2008 Server 32/64
SuSE Linux SLES 11 with MONO
Windows 2000
Syslog Sender V2
(most current)
Download Installer    
Syslog Sender V1
  Download Installer  
Syslog Sender V0.1
(very old)
    Download Installer